I get that some people think Darcy was captaining the Asshole Squad for The Bay Area in today’s PD video but he does mean well. He’s scared of how things might go wrong for his sister again after she had such a hard time putting things back together. I think he forgets sometimes that now with her as an adult, he doesn’t need to be both parents and the older brother but just the older brother.

He loves her and doesn’t want this to stir up any unresolved issues. He isn’t exactly Mr. Social Skills and Gigi has called him out on this herself, but she knows he’s concerned.

It’s sweet but the exhaustion is showing and he’s being a bit more authoritarian than may be necessary. Gigi can be more help than he thinks.

He wouldn’t be able to handle seeing Gigi hurting and broken like that again and wants to prevent it.

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  1. meremere21 said: Yeah! Plus, Darcy could’ve just as easily hung up her the moment she called, because this conversation shouldn’t have happened while she’s doing a demo video for PD’s latest product, but he couldn’t risk damaging their sibling relationship.
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